bellissimo iris / cream lining / jet trim size XSMALL+



iris / cream lining & jet trim   

Size XSMALL+ *fits a whippet 9 - 11 kilos, back length 17-18, waist 13 -15 inches 

NO EXCHANGE or RETURNS on SALE ITEMS * Please refer to the Fitting Room with the primary measurement being your whippet's weight

BELLISSIMO is pure whippet luxury, beautiful curves, warmth & comfort that had the crowd gasp & applaud in excitement at Milan Fashion Week. BELLISSIMO is our & warmest fleece coat that stole the show with it's slinky style, allowing your whippet to have the ultimate in warmth, be it for slumber at home or strutting down town in cold dry weather.

BELLISSIMO has a luxurious faux sheepskin lining, swathed in an outer of warm stretch fleece, with an extra low back end to keep derrieres snug. The fleece & faux sheepskin lined chest piece has an adjustable band positioned over the last rib, with a secure snap buckle & velcro fastening to wrap your darling in warmth & style.

BELLISSIMO has our famous long polo neck, with lead hole, to keep necks protected from the cold, that can be folded over as a collar or worn up as a "snood hood" to keep cold ears cosy & warm. The built in patented "snood hood" won't slip down skinny faces, as separate snoods can, so it's fantastic for whippets that love the extra warmth & have cold ears.

* Please ensure that your whippet's ears called "rose ears" are sitting in a natural position & not scrunched when wearing the snood hood.

  • suitable for cold weather sleeping & lounging
  • outdoor walking in dry, cold weather
  • lead hole to keep necks warm
  • built in optional snood
  • warmest faux sheepskin lining
  • adjustable band with snap buckle & velcro fastening
  • low back end coverage to keep your whippet warm
  • gentle, cold machine wash, no fabric conditioner, line dry only
  • made in Australia with love for your whippet

warmth rating   warmth-paw2.jpgwarmth-paw2.jpgwarmth-paw2.jpgwarmth-paw2.jpg

IMPORTANT Please refer to the FITTING ROOM for correct measuring assistance. If you guess your whippet's weight & measurements, the coat will not fit!