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Why do whippet's require coats?

Whippets suffer from the cold dreadfully with hyperthermia. They must be kept indoors in a warm, draught free area at all times. They were bred to race at 55 kms per hour, so a very short coat & little body fat is inherent for the breed as they are athletes in the canine world & one of the fastest land mammals.

As whippet's have extremely low body fat, & no insulating hair (that's the fine coat between a standard dog breed's hair coat & their body that assists to keep them warm) so require warm coats when temperatures are less than 19 degrees or 67 farenheit.

Why do whippet coat's look different to standard dog breed coats?

Whippetwear coats are based on a true & classic whippet coat principle to keep a whippet warm. A long neck, chest pieces for cover bald deep chests, & low back ends all assist, just as a buttoned up long line coat will keep your warmer. Whippet's have a low carriage tail, so can easily wear a coat with a low backend. They also require warmth, so why have bare derriere.

Standard dog coats don't usually fit most dog breeds well, & certainly won't fit a whippet who have deep chests & long curvy backs. These "one coat type fits all", are commercially designed for profit only & to fit most dog breeds. This is often the case for particular brands of whippet coats as well.

Can my whippet toilet easily in a Whippetwear coat?

Your whippet can easily toilet them selves in our Whippetwear coats. A curvy slim fit & correct sizing based on your measurements, will ensure your male whippet can cock his leg & not pee on his coat. 

The chest piece is designed to sit around the last rib, as modelled on the site, which secures the coat in the correct position. DO NOT pull the chest piece away from the last rib, backwards on an angle over the waist towards your whippet's hips.

It doesn't look cool, your whippet will be embarrased, & he could cock his leg & possibly wee on it, as it will be sitting underneath his chest pulled towards his private parts, not where it's designed to be.

We know the secrets to a properly fitting whippet coat. Female whippets simply squat with their tail raising the back of the coat. This is the same position required for other toileting needs for both males & females.

Which coat does my whippet need & what paws warmth rating does he require?

A "common sense" approach is best. If you need a long sleeved top on, your whippet certainly will require a single layer fleece coat, if you require two layers, they will need a double layer coat. If you sleep with 2 blankets your whippet will need at least 2 layers. Remember it's draughty & usually 4-5 degrees lower in temperature with a dog bed on the floor, or in the laundry, seriously try it your self.

Whippet's require a warm coat to sleep in & sit around in at home. They must have their backs covered for warmth whilst sleeping. You wouldn't be warm if you lay on your bed with no covers, nor will your whippet.

Apart from our exclusive range of Whippetwear coats we have designed specific beds for this purpose. We have wonderful feed back from whippet customers who are warm, to include human customers who have now a great night's sleep again, & privacy with a partner. Please refer to Klam & Cocoon under Slumber.

For outdoor walking whippet's require a coat in cool & cold weather. If they are running vigourously in a park, & it's not snow bound, they usually don't require a coat, as they may overheat.  However on the route to the park & back home they will require a coat to keep their muscles warm.

We best advise a waterproof & windproof coat for outdoor walking, however a fleece coat is fine for dry weather, & doubles as a sleep / lounging coat.

Please refer to the detailed coat descriptions & paws warmth ratings for futher information.

Lounging coats for slumber & at home

These stretch fleece coats are specifically designed for lounging at home & sleeping, as your whippet will be doing this for 23 hours on average each day. A perfect fitting coat, & soft stretch fleece that doesn't create pressure sores when lying down is a must.

Walking coats with a waterproof / windproof shell are not suitable to sleep in, as they have no stretch & will cause pressure sores from lack of blood flow. You wouldn't sleep comfortably in a waterproof coat, nor can your whippet.

Lounging coats in fleece are fine for outdoor walking in dry weather only. Most whippets have a fleece coat for both sleeping, lounging & walking as their first coat.

Walking coats that are both waterproof & windproof

It's more important to have a warm coat for 23 hours of the day, than a waterpoof & windproof walking coat for one hour, then nothing for the rest of of the time. We advise a lounging coat or fleece walking coat, if your budget doesn't stretch to two coats intitially.

Waterproof & windproof walking coats are fantastic. They will last for years & years, cut out wind, rain & snow. Even if you don't get caught in the rain, our waterproof coats with a chest peice will protect your whippet's chest from kicking up water & mud.

Remember how many clothing items you have in your wardbrobe for specific purposes compared to your whippet.

Pup coats & growth

We have designed a unique coat specifically for pups only. Irrespective of their age, they require warmth, & no longer have their litter mates to keep them warm. 

Our PUP coat is designed with a slim stretch neck to discourage pups from putting their front legs through the neck hole & a waistband designed to move backwards as your whippet grows so you get more wear out of a coat with pup's growth spurts.

Pups can usually be fitted into an adult coat at 8-9 months with room to grow into based on your measurements & variable pup growth. Whippet's are a slow maturing dog, & will be 85% of their adult size by 8 months. They will continue to fill out until around 18 months of age. Please refer to the PUP coat for more information.

Why do whippet's need special martingale collars?

Whippets are from the sighthound canine family, & being bred for speed to be aero-dynamic so have heads smaller than their long necks. This means that they can slip a standard dog collar under duress & require a wider collar to protect their windpipes.

Whippet's have no road sense what so ever & a frightened whippet or one chasing something will likely be killed by a car in split second. Please refer to our martingale collars for everyday wear & safety. We don't have harnesses as they are not safe for whippets.

Whippet tried, tested & loved

All of our coats, beds & accessories are whippet tried & tested for comfort, fit, ease of movement, durability & specific purposes. As whippet's have super fine skin, we only use the finest cotton trim on our coats so they won't be rubbed raw with harsh trims on standard dog coats.

Our seam lines are made with consideration to ensure they wont rub. We won't compromise on a coat that opens at the front for adjustments to cater for various whippet sizes, (which would be easier for us), as these coats will rub your whippet raw.

Coats are made to order to fit the whippet breed standard, not custom made.

Our coat styles & sizings are based on the international whippet breed standards to fit the breed. All whippet models on the site are of the breed standard, hence the fit. Minor pattern adjustments may be made if deemed required by us.

Pure bred whippets with registered papers are bred to the whippet standard of conformation (back length & chest depth) or should be. Sadly puppy farms & back yard breeders are interested in the profiteering of dogs & pups or their own ego to breed only, not the welfare of dogs, nor breed to the whippet conformation standard.

Often this may result in a whippet with not enough back length or chest depth to fit our coats perfectly as we would like to see. An inch on a whippet coat makes a massive sizing difference!

If your whippet's back lenth measurement is not 3 inches longer than their waist measurements & are in healthy, not overweight condition, please make a comment on the order form. We may need to modify the coat length for your whippet, however we need to be advised of this.

Additionally if you have a whippet that has a really "rounded topline" (arched back) or an elderly whippet that may have lost some muscle mass, please advise in the comments section, as they too may need an adjustment of coat length.

We appreciate that all whippet's are slightly different in build, like people, however our coats are not designed to fit crossbred whippets or other breeds despite how similar you believe your dog's breed is to a whippet.

Whippet welfare

Puppy farms & backyard breeders are the main cause of over supply of pups, to the massive worldwide problem of pups (dogs) sold any where & bought by on a whim by uncommitted & uncaring people resulting in most dog's being euthanised as no one wants them anymore.

We love rescue whippets as we love all dogs & applaud your wise decision to adopt & caring heart, whilst understand that they may be shorter in the body (some not) than registered pure bred whippets or may be in fact a registered pure bred whippet.

Whippetwear is a proud supporter of various hound & animal welfare charities. We love all animals.

Coat karma

Should your new Whippetwear coat be replacing a dog or whippet coat that is longer used, please donate it to the many dog, hound & whippet rescue organisations, pounds, dog's they need warmth or foster carers. There are so many dog's that would benefit from your unused coat to help keep them warm & provide some comfort in their distress.

Your whippet is loved & cared for, sadly so may dog's are not. Please help them in any way you can, it will make a huge difference.

Shipping & timelines

Free postage & shipping Australia wide. Yes, we ship internationally.

Shipping costs are set by the courier, Aust Post & your country's postal service, & are calculated at check out. Most of our whippet clientele are based throughout Europe, United Kingdom, Canada & United States to include Australia, New Zealand & Asia.

Timelines for coats will vary from 1-2 weeks depending on how many customers order at once. Beds can be up to 3 weeks & shipping times. We recommend ordering coats & beds well before the cold weather arrives. Your whippet will then be warm with a coat on hand & not cold waiting on a coat to be made & delivered.

Free postage & shipping Australia wide / Coats & accessories are mailed via Australia post parcel delivery service, whilst beds are sent via courier. *Beds to Tasmania are sent via Aust Post.

International orders / Coats are mailed via registered air mail parcel delivery with insurance, signature required upon delivery & tracking. *Most countries offer call centre tracking not online

Timelines are set by Aust Post flying parcels in 3 days to your country, then your country's customs department processing & clearing mail, generally 2-3 weeks. Timelines vary on the country & seasonality. * Christmas peak parcel periods for customs to clear are Sept to December.

Please note that your country's postal service sets the parcel costs, based on weight & volume, not us. Your country's taxes & import duties, if applicable are your responsibility as the "purchaser" not ours. Please refer to Terms & Conds for more detail.

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