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The secret to a perfect fit & a warm, happy whippet is to measure & weigh your whippet correctly. 

We love what we do for whippets & pride ourselves with the best whippets coats in the world, to ensure your whippet is comfortable.

Don't guess, or think that’s close enough, as your whippet's coat which is made to order (not custom made) won't fit, as we would only be guessing which of the measurement is correct & which aren’t for your coat size required. Look for the 3 inch rule of waist to back length explained below.

Salon fit service

We offer an exclusive "salon fit" service to ensure your whippet has perfectly fitting coats, by assisting you with the correct coat sizing. So it's essential to correctly measure your whippet's back length (no neck, no tail), waist, weight & build type on the order fields so we can assess you have correctly measured & weighed your whippet. We make the coats to order, however do not make custom made coats, unless required. 

Coats are based on whippet breed standards of conformation, not custom made, so we base a size on your measurements. Adjustments to our patterns can be made if required, if we are made aware of a variance of a whippet's requirements, subject to additional costs.

Exact weight

Weigh your whippet. Don't guess. This is really important!  Our coat sizes are primarily based on weight, then back length, with the waist used as a guide you have measured correctly. If you don't have scales, you can pass any vet & weigh your whippet at no charge, or call your vet for a recent weight from a consult.

Back length

As shown in the diagram above, with your whippets head up, measure where the neck joins the body & makes a definite "corner", then run a cloth measuring tape down the spine to where the tail just starts. Do not measure any neck, only back length. The back length will be 3-3.5 inches more than the waist. Please refer to the red arrows on the diagram. Please measure in inches for accuracy, it just works. A measuring tape has both centimetres & inches. Inches are more accurate & easier to read.

Waist circumference

Measure the smallest part of the waist. Our chest pieces secure over the last rib, not the waist, however we need the waist measurement to assess your whippet's size as we use a formula of length, waist, weight, & body condition. A whippet in healthy condition will have a waist 3-3.5 inches less than their back length. Please refer to the blue arrow on the diagram.

Take all measurement three times, yes that's right, three times, to ensure you get the right measurements! Whippets are a tricky dog to measure, we know!. This is essential to a perfect fitting coat. 

Please do not add any back length as this will result in too large a coat. If your whippet is 8 months old we can fit an adult size coat with room to grow. Provide only their current measurements as we will factor in the approximate growth percentage based on their age. Please refer to our PUP coat page for pups under 8 months & 11 kilos.

Sizing guide

A s a general breed rule a whippet in healthy condition will have a waist 3-3.5 inches less than their back length only.

Guidelines examples of whippets in healthy body condition: (two last ribs just visible or just covered)

waist 14 inches, length 17 inches, weight 10-11 kilos

waist 15 inches, length 18 inches, weight 11-12 kilos

waist 16 inches, length 19 inches, weight 12-13 kilos

waist 17 inches, length 20 inches weight 13-14 kilos

waist 18 inches, length 21 inches, weight 15-16 kilos

waist 19 inches, length 22 inches, weight 16–19 kilos


For further information about our coats please refer to FAQs under INFO


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