go go olive / jet XSMALL



We have some sample go go colours, so this coat only is ready to go & on sale $79.95    (RRP $119.95  SAVE $40)

olive / jet lining / jet trim   

Size XSMALL *fits a whippet 9-11 kilos, back length 17-18, waist 13-15 inches  

NO EXCHANGE or RETURNS on SALE ITEMS * Please refer to the Fitting Room with the primary measurement being your whippet's weight

GO GO is a fantastic "all weather walking coat" perfect for the whippet that doesn't need long neck protection, but requires a warm chest.

  • outdoor walking in cool to cold, windy weather
  • rain & wind proof outer shell
  • chest piece to keep your whippet's chest warm & dry from wind, mud & water
  • warm, soft stretch fleece lining
  • adjustable torso band with snap buckle & velcro fastening
  • low back end coverage to keep your whippet warm
  • gentle, cold machine wash, no fabric conditioner, line dry only
  • made in Australia with love for your whippet

warmth rating   warmth-paw2.jpgwarmth-paw2.jpgwarmth-paw2.jpg


IMPORTANT Please refer to the FITTING ROOM for correct measuring assistance. If you guess your whippet's weight & measurements, the coat will not fit!

We recommend ordering coats well before cool weather arrives to ensure your whippet will be warm.


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