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PONY had fashionistas applaud it's savvy style as it hugged the curves of whippets down the runway at the parades at New York Fashion week in Spring. PONY has a single layer of soft, stretchy warm fleece with & saddle onsert for warmth over the back, a low collar, an adjustable soft fleece waistband with a long fitted back end designed to hug derriere's.

Pony's the lighter warmth version of our popular Saddle coat & a superb coat for whippets that don't require chest or neck warmth, but love to trot out in style in cool, but not cold weather, or lounge at home. PONY is great as a trans-seasonal coat.

Please note PONY was not intended as a sleeping coat nor is it suitable for cold weather. We recommend a warmer coat with a long neck for sleeping as whippets lose a lot of body heat when snoozing.

  • suitable for lounging at home
  • outdoor walking in cool weather
  • adjustable band with a velcro & snap buckle fastening
  • low back end coverage to keep your whippet warm
  • gentle, cold machine wash, no fabric conditioner, line dry only
  • made in Australia with love for your whippet

warmth rating  warmth-paw2.jpg


IMPORTANT Please refer to the FITTING ROOM for correct measuring assistance. If you guess your whippet's weight & measurements, the coat will not fit!

Timelines will vary from 1-2 weeks depending on how many customers order at once. We recommend ordering coats well before the cold weather arrives. Your whippet will then be warm with a coat on hand & not freezing while waiting.

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