safety lead


Come on guys, let's get to the park safely!

These stainless steel hardware leads are made of the same strong "super soft on hands" & "super light" poly cotton webbing as the infamous WHIPPET martingale collars. Now you can match your lead with a WHIPPET collar for a super, stylish look that's very practical! We love these leads & have had our original ones for over 7 years & they are in perfect condition, as are our hands.

Most importantly they have superior stainless steel hardware for your whippet's safety. Unlike nickel hardware that can break under stress, stainless steel is stronger & safer. 

They wash & wear extremely well, just like the matching WHIPPET martingale collars. Simply pop your lead in a lingerie bag in your washing machine, with a cold water cycle & line dry. Lead is 1 metres in length.

Please never leave your whippet tied up & unattended even for a few seconds. Dog theft for live baiting is a hiddeous, common crime that happens in a few seconds.

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