Whippetwear offers whippet guest accomodation for well mannered & toilet trained whippets wanting the very best of care.
Extra special whippet care & love for whippets to stay over in Port Melbourne
(1 km from freeway)
Reliable & very experienced whippet breed lover & specialist
Safe, fun and luxurious stay over house accomodation
Secured courtyard garden & sun baking lounges
Whippet company & frivolity with whippet hosts, Tigerlily & Vesna
2 walks per day with beautiful parks 100 metres away & a stroll to the beach
Experienced & best of care with medications & elderly whippets
Luxurious warm Whippetwear Kanga Pouches, Cocoons & Den bedding
2 healthy human grade meals per day provided
(grass fed beef, free range chicken & lamb high meat diets, no grains or fillers)
Wellness and training programs available upon request
Daily rate $55 (inclusive meals)
For further information and limited availability dates, please inquire via our contact form.